Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best

Now, for some alt-bigotry  |  Thorn
Gov. Matt “Oblivious” Bevin is quick to praise the lord and pat church groups on the back, but he had been disturbingly silent when it came to denouncing a white nationalist group planning a rally in Pikeville and workshop at Jenny Wiley State Park in Floyd County. Maybe Bevin is speaking there…

Racism rolls downhill  |  Thorn
Such nonchalance from the top sends a message that it is OK to be a racist. So maybe it is no coincidence that stickers for a white nationalist group were found at UofL. Another was seen at a local restaurant. Flyers also were found in UofL buildings…

‘The bill comes due’  |  Thorn
Speaking of Bevin — he professes to be an expert in solving the state’s budget, tax and pension issues, but he cannot seem to handle home finances. He and his wife owed $11,080 in 2016 property taxes on their nearly $700,000 Cherokee Gardens home. (Mayor Greg Fischer was late, but paid the $25,219 property tax bill Wednesday, The Courier-Journal says.)

JCPS’s not afraid of no Trump badger!  |  Rose
Bevin recently called the Jefferson County Public Schools a “disaster,” which leads us to believe the district is doing something right. It turns out it is: The school board voted to declare the schools a “safe haven” for immigrant students. But Metro Louisville, and the local university named after St. Robert Bellarmine, who signed off on a burning at the stake, were too timid to declare sanctuary protections. They worry that tRump might cut their funding. Huzzah, JCPS!

Keep pushing, Mr. Mayor!  |  Rose
Finally, Mayor Greg Fischer is pushing back on a root cause of the city’s homicide rate — guns. The Courier-Journal reports that a mayoral aide said Fischer wants tougher penalties for felony gun possession, all gun transactions to go through a licensed dealer, more education on proper gun storage and a ban on firearms in metro government buildings. But, the story said, he “does not appear” to be actively pushing a bill that would allow cities to make their own gun rules. His aide said the bill is unlikely to get a hearing. We say: If you don’t keep pushing, change won’t happen…