Original Sins 
and Recent Blemishes – Poetry: 3rd Place

By Lennie Hay

The southwest corner
of the bathroom mirror
shows me a black flaw,
same shape as Cuba.

All manner of places
stare back,
a facial topography.

A Galapagos nose hair hangs,
clings to the Isle of Ferdinande.
The pores of St. Croix dot
hill and vale, circle a nose.
A burnished Macau mole here,
Taipei freckle there,
once familiar forehead
now knows narrow land masses,
Caladesi, Weedon and Longboat Keys.
Brown liver spots multiply.
Skinny tracks,
Years of ploughed furrows.
Pores emerge.
Damnable hag hairs
mark my routes.

I turn away,
switch off the light,
close the door