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on editor’s note: the nra has spoken!

We should adopt Chicago’s gun control laws. Working wonders up there! … — Rob Bingham

… The problem is not that Chicago has taken action. The problem rears itself in the surrounding areas that lack the same stance on a citizen’s procurement of weapons. It’s simple: Just because it’s hard to get guns in a certain city or state, doesn’t mean that it’s hard to get guns in every city or state…

— Taylor Lee Nicholson

Make guns harder to acquire by requiring all sellers to conduct a background check. Keeping guns out of the hands of illegal buyers. Legal, lawful, responsible owners should want that also! — Sylvia G. Burns

… It’s all about the guns. It’s always about the guns. Well, that and the NRA bogeyman. How many of these deaths were caused by legal gun owners? How many of these deaths were related to another crime at the time? Why can’t your city reduce the underlying crime? Why must you seek to restrict the legal rights of others for nothing they’ve done? … Pusillanimous plebs like you are the problem… — Armatus Rebbellio

Liberals be like… OMG, Trump is Hitler. I be like… Good thing we got guns, just in case. Liberals be like… Nooooo!!! I feel much safer around openly-armed citizens on the Big Four Bridge than around the ones who’ve been offing civilians at a ludicrous rate for minor infractions, or for nothing…       —Hoppy Rogers

But you sure like the $$$ NRA members spend when they bring their convention to your riparian poverty pocket of a city.

—Pete Flanagan

on Kentuckians to protest Trump

[Donald] Trump’s words and actions imply bullying and predatory acts are OK and encouraged, and, as a leader, this must be protested. — Tom Rose

And President-elect Trump is not a sexual predator … On the other hand, Bill Clinton is, and was at the time, a sexual predator. Any of you hypocrites, or your old-enough relatives or friends back then, should have been there protesting him…   — Raul Rangel

on uncovered: state’s pet-human sex bill

The real cause of mad cow disease.
— Keith Murgatroyd Welch

Wait, they didn’t just put animals in, in general? Why?           —Brooke Montgomery

a little more context, please

The Jan. 18 article on Phil Anselmo should have addressed the racist comments he made at Dimebash last January.