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on editor’s note: why not a west end va?

I have been saying this for years: Why is everything going out east when you have space here right downtown … — Fabian Roberts

… Those of us who have been fighting this boondoggle project for four years have, unfortunately, found the senator and mayor confoundedly, purposely and completely disengaged. Hopefully, more pressure from the media, community leaders and veterans will finally inspire the VA to rethink its site selection. — Eric Gunderson

I am a disabled, 29-year Army veteran with four deployments … I use the VA Hospital at Robley Rex. If the VA has to move, I do not want it at the proposed location on Brownsboro Road because it does not provide the best accessibility for all veterans in the city … Nearly 150 veterans (the number is growing every day) have signed a petition to have the current plan invalidated so other locations are considered, specifically West and South Louisville, where most of the veterans reside.           — Fred Johnson

Museum Row is only is 20 blocks away from your suggested site of 30th Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard, but you don’t mention that it is only four blocks away from 28th and Broadway where quite a few murders, muggings and hit-and-run deaths have taken place in the last several years.  The most important purpose of the VA hospital is to care for the veteran in a safe and convenient location. Not to be an economic impact for any area.                   — Dan Klein

on two brits in the lou: moving the traitors’ statue

The monument told a piece of history we might not like, but juxtaposed against the rest of the site awash in history, the story is anything but whole if you remove the evidence. Wasting money and time when this was about a turn lane is just more pandering … Farmington [plantation house] has slave quarters …Tear it down? … History tells a story. Even evil needs to be told …

— Debra Richards Harlan

on how to rig an election

… Don’t confuse “educated” with intelligence. There seems to be growing disconnect. — Lance Bonds

on uncovered

Heaven help us. Can they just stay out of my house! Don’t tell me what religious rules to follow. This is not a church-run state … Mr. Bevin, you work for us. Don’t forget it.        — Kim Campbell

two costly oopses

A Thorns and Roses entry Dec. 7 on Dawne Gee’s pricey bra ($80) misspelled her name, and the Recommended review of Fat Lamb misstated the cost of The Thief in the Night cocktail. It is $11.

Don’t go there, go here — oops

The Dec. 7 review of “Creditors” listed the incorrect website address for The Chamber Theatre. It is