Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best

Have gun, will unravel  |  Thorn

While the Metro Council beat up police Chief Steve Conrad, looking for a scapegoat for the record number of homicides, the police union offered him a no-confidence vote. What no one is talking about, however, is the ease in which you can get a gun here. We’ve said it before — city officials and leaders need to demand that Frankfort allow local gun laws.

Round and round of rounds  |  Thorn

Speaking of guns, those seized by law enforcement in Kentucky are auctioned off to federally-licensed gun dealers — to be sold and confiscated again, potentially. The latest auction, the state reported, brought in some $90,000 to buy “body armor vests, service weapons, ammunition and Tasers,” which can be used to confiscate the guns that paid for that equipment. Are we missing something here?

Old white men bridge opens!  |  Thorn

Now we have two bridges named after a Clark: the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge (Second Street Bridge), and the new Lewis and Clark Bridge. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence should have named the new bridge for Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who was key in the Lewis and Clark expedition. But hey — old white men gotta stick together.

We are so Kenfucky  |  Thorn

Google released its top-trending searches in Louisville for 2016, and the winning term is: Astrodienst, a horoscope and astrology website. Next was Powerball, and then UFC news. To recap: We are most interested in astrology, gambling and bloodsport.

Subscribe to a newspaper!  |  Rose

Filed under Not Fake News, Courier-Journal detective-reporter Tom Loftus unraveled contributions to Sen. Mitch “Pacman” McConnell’s super PAC since 2009, finding casino titan Sheldon Adelson and his wife gave the most ($35 million), followed by hedge fund, energy and banking companies.

No. 4 — nothing to sneeze at  |  Rose

Louisville no longer is No. 1 for allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. We moved to No. 4. Jackson, Mississippi, is No. 1, and, for those considering a move, Spokane, Washington, breathes easiest.