Thorns & Roses: The Worst and Best

Kentucky Yesterday  |  Thorn

Kentucky Today, the online shill for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, “because you deserve the truth,” has given Gov. Matt Bevin an A+ for his first year in office. But not before railing against The Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald-Leader for having out-of-town, corporate owners and being “reliable mouthpieces for liberals bent on trying to tear down Gov. Bevin.” It says we, the press, are missing Bevin’s “remarkable accomplishments,” which include working to “protect the unborn” and a law for unwanted newborns “allowing their parents to drop them off at churches rather than toss them into the garbage as has happened so often in the past.” But the write-up fails to mention Bevin’s cuts to universities, losing battles with the courts over state boards, plans to strip thousands from Medicaid and meddling with UofL that may cost it accreditation… The list is long. We give Bevin an F, grading on a curve, and Kentucky Today gets a pass for not knowing any better.

Gov. Cicada  |  Thorn

Speaking of accreditation, Bevin’s archenemy Attorney General Andy Beshear warned lawmakers to not approve Bevin’s reorganization of the UofL Board of Trustees, because that could make matters worse. Bevin’s response on WHAS radio, reported in The CJ, is that the accreditation issue allows “people like Andy Beshear to come out of the woodwork like a little cicada” and “make noise.”

Who Are We?!  |  Thorn

Twenty one Kentucky children died in the year ending June 30, 2015 from causes that included beatings or blunt-force trauma, head injuries, drug overdoses, suffocation, medical neglect and accidents with an impaired adult at fault, according to a CJ story. Fifty three nearly died from abuse or neglect, leaving some with brain damage or other problems.

Fox, Henhouse  |  Thorn

President-elect Donald Trump (fresh vomit in mouth whenever we write that) is nominating an unabashed opponent of the Environmental Protection Agency to… uh… run the EPA. Turns out Scott Pruitt was born in Danville and went to UK, according to the Lexington Herald Leader. How does our relatively tiny state manage to birth so many jerks who make it to the national stage? Limestone water?