Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best

Lack-of-confidence man  |  Thorn

Our very own Elaine Chao, labor secretary under President George W. Bush, was nominated as transportation secretary by President-elect Donald Trump. One would think that her husband, U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, would be her top supporter, right? Well, all he was able to muster for his wife was that he is, er… “confident she will do an outstanding job.” Is Mitch McConnell actually alive?

We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!  |  Thorn 

Trump has seemed nonplussed that his business dealings could present a conflict with his new job, although he is making overtures to correct the problem. Maybe he needs to talk with McConnell, who seems to have forgotten the definition of conflict of interest. When asked whether he would vote in the Senate to confirm his wife’s appointment as transportation secretary, he said, “Let me be quite clear: I will not be recusing myself.”

Bra(ve)  |  Rose

Two things we know about WAVE 3 anchor Dawne Gee. No. 1, she is as tough and brave as she is sweet and sincere. No. 2, she apparently has expensive, taste in bras. From a Courier-Journal story about her recent stroke: “When medics snipped the strap on her $80 red bra, Gee tried to protest. ‘That effort was hard. I kept trying to say, ‘Something is not right.’ …”

No one better for the job  |  Rose

LEO founder U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth was elected by the Democratic caucus as Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee. “The task before us will be even more important as we’ll debate budget proposals submitted by President-elect Donald Trump, which could be far more extreme than any plans we have seen in recent memory,” he said. We may be biased, but…

Sic’em!  |  Rose

The city of Louisville announced it plans to intervene in the process that will decide whether LG&E can raise the average customer’s monthly electricity bill by $9.65 and gas bills by $2.99. Mayor Greg Fischer said he is especially concerned about the impact of rate increases on the city’s low-income families.