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on erica rucker: women being handled

… There is no indication that Donald Trump grabbed any women by their females genitals. He was doing lewd talking. You, Erica Rucker, are a presumptuous a-hole for stating “when Trump loses.” I pray Trump wins so that your face can be rubbed in the (bull)shit that you spew in your column. So, now this week you play the victim of an alleged white male sexual aggressor. (Gee, I would like to mention some unnamed black male sexual aggressor against me …) …
—Elizabeth Rodriguez

You are a racist asshole, Elizabeth. Which is kinda’ fucked up coming from someone with a Mexican surname, especially considering what’s going to happen to you if Trump wins.        — Latt Moomis

… It is off-putting that you, female, are quick to dismiss sexual assault in favor of racism and politics … No matter who is elected, we have to care for each other, because they aren’t going to do it for us.
— Jaymes Stanley Fowler

on surviving cuts to jctc

As someone who spent over 30 years teaching psychology at JCC downtown campus, before retiring last year, I can tell you that the present situation is nearly post-apocalyptic … [A] once excellent college is now becoming an understaffed, over-administrated, diploma mill.
— Byron Himmelheber

on thorns and roses

I would think the Jim Gray ads are trying to appeal to Trump supporters or undecided. Makes common sense to me.
— Bonny Holmes

on editor’s note: deplorable vs. expletive

What will the hate-filled “talking heads” on television and radio do when Donald Trump becomes their competitor? Are they putting themselves out of business? Will Donald tell them, “You’re fired!”?
— Amy Parker

on shane peabody powell: a foul is for crybaby nerds

Story is interesting. Could just as forcefully been said without the foul language. Some writers mistakenly think it adds grit and street cred. It doesn’t.
— Dave Bullis

we are too busy

[Ed. note: A reader alerted us to an error in the Oct. 19 Best Read Aloud column. Since we are too busy pre-celebrating Hillary Clinton’s landslide win, we will use his version of a correction.]

It appears that Shane Powell was too busy penning his anti-Trump diatribe to fact-check the country’s most important civil rights legislation. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, not 1962. 19-fucking-64!  Perhaps the copy editor was busy trying to find something positive to say about Hillary Clinton to perform a simple fact-check. — Frank Kuzmits