Thorns & Roses: The Best & Worst

Heavy is the head  |  Thorn

Zoning activists wanted Wal-Mart to play by city rules and build its proposed store up to the curb on Broadway. Wal-Mart wanted parking in the front. West End residents just wanted the jobs and access to groceries that the store would have brought. Mayor Greg Fischer blamed the resulting court battle, in part, for Wal-Mart pulling out. Now, The West End has nothing. And is if the gods of good city fortune hadn’t crapped on us enough, the lawsuit was dismissed the same day Wal-Mart announced it was scrapping the project. We know that mediating such disputes is difficult, but Fischer had the challenge to bring everyone together. He failed on this one.

It might get us off the couch  |  Rose

Baxter Avenue Theatres is getting the “Spectrum Facet power recliner seating”! These beauties go from upright to a full recline with the push of a button. (How that will affect the person behind you, and why you would want to be fully reclined, we are not sure.) And the theater will take seat reservations. Sounds a lot like our living room.

When you lay off all editors  |  Thorn

Intrepid gastronome and LEO food critic Robin Garr, formerly of The Louisville Times, points out that a recent Courier-Journal section-front piece on wine clubs failed to mention Kentucky laws that make it difficult, if not impossible, to ship wine here. The story ran the day after more editor layoffs and not long after Executive Editor Neil Budde resigned amid reports of too many mistakes in print.

Oh ‘joy’  |  Rose

Six local arts organizations, including Louisville Youth Orchestra, Actors Theatre and Kentucky Shakespeare, will receive $188,000 from The Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund.

Not watered down  |  Rose

After being called out for not contextualizing a story with Louisville Water Co. comment, the Ohio Valley ReSource reporting team has rebounded with a fascinating, deeply-reported look at drinking water that is tainted by a Teflon chemical. The interactive map alone is worth clicking on, but start here: