Three shows to see this week

Natural Child
Natural Child, a laid back Southern stoner rock group, formed in 2009 when drummer Zack Martin and bassist Wes Taylor, both of the famed Nashville garage rock group Turbo Fruits, left the band seeking to start their own group. They teamed up with the singer and guitarist Seth Murray, previously of The Horribly Wrong, to record Natural Child’s debut album, 1971, which was released in 2011 by the Nashville label Infinity Cat, founded by Robert Ellis Orrall and his sons Jake and Jamin of Jeff The Brotherhood. Murray describes Natural Child’s sound as “weird rock ’n’ roll” with “Faux Ferocious, Destruction Unit, the Meat Puppets and Coupler” as influences. Their eighth album (in five years), Okey Dokey, was released in September of this year on their own label Natural Child Records and Tapes. They will be performing at Zanzabar on Wednesday, Nov. 2.—John King

Frederick The Younger, Joann 
& The Dakota
Frederick The Younger plays sweeping indie rock that doesn’t stay in one place for very long, all through the lens of vintage pop. Joanne & The Dakota’s style of folk-rock steps in and out of various genres and is all held together by powerful vocals. Both bands play The New Vintage on Thursday, Nov. 3.—Scott Recker

Boner City, Ron, Hanoi Jane
With straightforward, no-frills punk, Boner City burns through two-minute songs with the sort of intensity and attitude that has a throwback edge to it, matched with the kind of creativity that doesn’t limit them. They released their first full-length, Kentucky, this year, which is currently streaming on Bandcamp. Ron blasts out menacing punk where lo-fi vocals follow wild chords, landing in a territory that shows when messiness is done right messiness can strike gold. Through moody, atmospheric post-punk, Hanoi Jane balances experimental sounds and punchy rhythms. All three will be performing at Kaiju on Saturday, Nov. 5.—Scott Recker