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on on leo’s readers’ choice awards 2016: best comedian, Amiri King … er, tom mabe?

How about you address your support for rape-sympathizer Amiri King? — James Persh Hedges

[Ed. note: We also find King repugnant. While we respect that a majority voted for him, we do not condone his commentary on Donald Trump’s video, Black Lives Matter and many other issues, so second-place finisher Tom Mabe moves into first place, with an explanation.]

LOL. Liberal shit at its finest. Fine by me snowflakes. — Amiri King

Absolute bullshit. Amiri King was voted Best Comedian and you took it away because some people were grabbed in the pussy and now require a therapy cat for their triggers and micro-aggression. Shame on you. — Titus U Cooper

Kudos to the LEO for making this correction and giving the Readers’ Choice to Tom Mabe, an actual comedian that does stand-up, and creates actual comedic online content, as opposed to a fraud who’s minor claim to Louisville comedy are terminally-unfunny, alt-right, YouTube rants and hateful meme posts.
— Daniel Craig Williams

Dear LEO Weekly, thank you so much for the kind words, but the people have spoken and Amiri King is the winner! I look better in silver than gold anyway. Sure, he steals the covers and snores but that does not make him a bad guy. — Tom Mabe

The racist comic and the prank-call comic are in cahoots? It’s like a collusion of hacks! Can an FM radio morning zoo jockey chime in too to make an unfunny alliance? — Andy Matter

Lookit’ all these people that don’t live in Louisville. The day the LEO Weekly pissed off the alt-right. This is beautiful. — Adam Copelin

on Best entrepreneur, Gill Holland

… Regardless of how you feel about the gentrification of the East Market District … surely you would take exception to anyone referring to your neighborhood as not worth noticing. I grew up at Clay and East Market streets, and, as the popularity of the neighborhood grew, I was slowly pushed outward … until I could no longer afford to live in the area I called home. It is heartbreaking that a respected media outlet would so casually suggest that my home, my family, my friends, are not worth acknowledging. Unfortunately, the casual dismissal of Louisville’s poor has become all too common … — John King

‘… as long as you spell my name right’

The Readers’ Choice entry in the Oct. 5 issue for Best Local Musician misspelled the name of the third-place winner, Petar Mandic.