Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best (10/26)

Trump, a character witness? [Thorn]

There is nothing wrong with Lexington Mayor Jim Gray airing an ad attacking U.S. Sen. Rand Paul as they battle for his seat (don’t forget to vote for Gray). But who does he decide to use as ammunition in the ad? Donald Trump. Bill O’Reilly. Chris Christie. John McCain. They all say Paul sucks, and they are right. But why is Gray using these slugs as character witnesses? What a bizzaro-world election season.

Maximum profit [Thorn]

In a suit brought by the Kentucky Restaurant Association and other businesses, the state Supreme Court ruled that Louisville cannot raise the minimum wage beyond the state level: $7.25. It would have capped at $9 next July. So Restaurant Association, here’s the source of your worker shortage. As one of LEO’s Two Brits in the Lou columnists said: “At least they’re doing everything they can to put business profits ahead of citizens’ health.”

Cardinal rule breaking — a legacy [Thorn]

Buried within the NCAA’s letter of charges against the UofL basketball program is an interesting fact: “A history of major violations by the institution and men’s basketball program.”  The three instances started in 1957 and range from extra benefits to “Preferential treatment, student-athlete received extensive personal use of automobile and cost for removing stereo system from summer employer …”

We’re no. 7, we’re no. 7! [Thorn]

“… Kentucky incarcerates so many people — about 23,000 in jails and prisons — that if it were its own country, it would have the seventh-highest incarceration rate in the world.”  That from a Courier-Journal story on why a judge ruled that a prison marriage must move forward. To put that in perspective, St. Matthew’s population is about 17,000.

M$tch Mcconne$$ [Thorn]

The CJ’s stalwart political detective Tom Loftus found that top donors to Sen. Mitch McConnell-related political committees include out-of-staters from casinos, hedge funds, banks and energy companies. We are certain these donors from Las Vegas, Houston, New York and elsewhere have only the best interests in mind for Kentuckians.