Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best (10/12)

Hurricane Matt  |  [Thorn]
While points south suffered the unpredictable wrath of Hurricane Matthew, we continue to bend, but not break, from the gusts of our own blow-hard, Gov. Matt “Southern Depression” Bevin. That is all.

America was great — when?  |  [Thorn]
His methods were “brutal and detrimental to the stability of government. I believe he uses his methods to remain in the headlines, perhaps for the purpose of some day seeking a higher office.” Could be about the Cheeto, but, no — former Gov. Lawrence Wetherby, a Democrat, said it about U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy in 1953, according to The Courier-Journal.

In kentucky, you can run — and you can hide  |  [Thorn]
In a typically self-serving, cynical move, Sen. Rand “Carpetbagger” Paul has agreed to just one of two scheduled debate (Oct. 31) with Democratic challenger Jim Gray. Said a spokeswoman for Gray: “Rand Paul had time to travel the country and do multiple debates when he was running for president, but he can’t spare an hour for the people of Kentucky?”

Roads paved in money  |  [Rose]
For the first time in nine years, the city has paved 100 miles of road, with 130 expected by season’s end. This is not magic: Mayor Greg Fischer and the council quadrupled the paving budget to $22 million from $4.8 million in fiscal year 2015. Let’s hope all neighborhoods got their share of the paving.

Keeping art alive  |  [Rose]
Owsley Brown III has given $1 million to The Kentucky College of Art and Design at Spalding University, and he matched most of the scholarship money donated at a recent school gala.

Fùtbol City?  |  [Rose]
While everyone’s eyes were on Lamar Jackson and UofL football, UofL’s other fùtbol program (or soccer, for you stubborn Americans) has been having its own unbridled success. Earlier in the year it defeated No. 1-ranked Notre Dame, and last week it defeated No. 3 Syracuse, making it a favorite for the College Cup. And with Louisville City FC in the USL playoffs, Louisville is quickly becoming a fùtbol town.