Bleached on writing and recording their new record, Welcome The Worms

Bleached — a grunge-pop band with infectious melodies, walls of guitar and lyrics about “embracing the dark side of life” — recently released their new full-length, Welcome The Worms, their first in three years. Before tour brings them to Louisville, we caught up with singer/guitarist Jennifer Clavin to talk about writing and recording the new record.

On being more direct with lyrics.

“I think from Ride Your Heart to Welcome The Worms I just became way more comfortable with my writing, because I feel like there are people that I met along the way that have helped me open up and being a better writer and being more honest with my lyrics, which I find people very appreciative of. That’s where I get the most feedback. With Welcome The Worms I was a lot more confident and comfortable.”

On how (and where) they wrote the record.

“We would go out to the desert — Jessie, Micayla and I — and I remember just sitting outside, being surrounded by nature, and it was really pretty, really quiet, really peaceful and just being really in touch with what was going on in my head because I was removing myself from all the drama that was in my life in Los Angeles. Coming to the desert and being able to access my situation, and taking a breath. Because that happened when I was writing the lyrics, I feel like the lyrics became really honest. I think that it wasn’t until after all these songs came together that I [noticed] a lot of these songs have a similar theme happening, about embracing the dark side of life.”

On already starting new material.

“We actually already started working on new stuff. We had a week off and started recording. I think we just want to keep the momentum going. We’re so busy with this record that it just kind of keeps us excited to keep recording new songs.”

Bleached co-headlines Zanzabar with Beach Slang on Wednesday, Oct. 19.