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on robin garr: guy fieiri’s smokehouse isn’t the worst, but is he having us on?

No, this is a good thing for Louisvillians, actually. Let the touristy types swamp him under with business as us locals go where local fare is served by local folks. Yes, sir: Welcome Bob Fiona … I mean Guy Filandia (whatever his name is … ) —Scott Stepro

… Is Robin Garr actually that out of touch with the American mainstream that he doesn’t have a relative that looks like Guy Fieri? Talks like Guy Fieri? Would love Guy Fieri’s restaurant? Garr’s article is nothing more than the rantings of an old man who is obviously jealous of another’s success and who can’t seem to let go of his own pretension long enough to realize that normal Americans couldn’t give a fuck about El Bulli, nor do they know who Ferran Adria was. I am interested in seeing the more thoughtful cultural food pieces by Michael Powell featured more in the LEO, as well as to watch the foodie-vs.-anti-foodie feud play out. —Sarah Crawford

on michael powell: fieri, one-way ticket to flavortown

This summary is the hyperbolic equivalent of the unabashed gluttony for which the author chides Fieri. Take it down a notch. —David Lee Horn

Honest, unapologetic and well-written. Hope to see more reviews like this in the future. —Chris Humphreys

on flavortown or flavor clown cover

That cover is seriously disrespectful. Smh. Very disappointed. —Christina Marie Carroll-Swimm

Great cover. —Keith Murgatroyd Welch

On i’d tap that: from pumpkin beer to worth causes

Amen on the pumpkin beer; can’t stand it. Wonder how a more-traditional beer brewed with pumpkin (sans spice, low malt, like the one described in article) would taste. Might not be so bad if it didn’t taste like liquid pie. —Janice Childers

bad pour

We, the mixologists at LEO, muddled a sentence in Michael C. Powell’s piece on Guy Fieri in the Sept. 21 issue. It should read: I ordered a Crazy Hagar, based on the much-maligned Van Halen member’s Beach Bar Rum, and a “Lemon Drop… Not,” which mixed Smirnoff Citrus and St. Germain with lemon and real sugar (both were refreshing and not too sweet) to pair with dinner.