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on new minimum wage good, but not enough

… If changing the minimum wage is such a great idea, why not make it $25/hour? How about $50/hour? Maybe $100/ hour or $200/hour? Nah, let’s make it $1,000/hour. See how stupid that sounds … People are paid what they are worth. If they are making $7.50/hour, that is what their skills are worth. Maybe they need to go back to school and get a degree, or go to a technical school, or learn a trade … Minimum wage laws are job killers.          —Dick Wood

On Editor’s Note: Why we still need unions

Aaron, very good article, and thank you for standing up for union workers, like your father does. I, for one, appreciate you both doing so. After all, I’m one of the middle-class workers fighting to keep my job every day with my union’s help! … As of now, I’m one of the lucky ones able to work and willing to do so. But I also need help from my union to keep it a safe work place, to help speak for me for a decent living wage, insurance, etc. … Local 227 members appreciate you. —Sharon K. Murphy Bayens

Thank you for some positive press. As a union member for almost 17 years, I’m still saddened by the prevalent misconception that all unions are corrupt, greedy and lazy. In truth, I’ve encountered the total opposite … Sure there’s been corruption, but name an industry, organization, religion or government that hasn’t been marred by corruption. —Jamie Armstrong

… Unions share a history of disloyalty and corruption rivaled only by the Mafia … [D]oes anyone know how many billions the union straw bosses have embezzled from the workers, or where they buried Jimmy Hoffa’s corpse?           —John Gamel

On what should happen to FoodPort site?

Solar farm. No tall obstructions means plenty of sunlight. Get the neighborhoods and schools involved in the construction to teach new and future proofed skill-sets. Power generated goes directly back into the surrounding neighborhoods and could reduce the power bills for people already struggling financially. —Hobie Cr

On Erica Rucker: Compassion for Bevin overrated?

I think you did the right thing. We should be sure to vote this foolish, vain and truly ”uncompassionate” man out ASAP and to continue to be very watchful. We must report wrongdoings and things we disagree with … It also would have been inexcusable to accost him at the fair. Well-written piece, thanks. — Christie McLoving

The governor is a person. I didn’t vote for him and never will, but days at a fair with kids are days you can never have again, so let the man alone. — Michael Ray Harris