Thorns & Roses: The Worst and Best

Criminal Homicide City  |  Thorn x2

2006: 30

2007: 37

2008: 31

2009: 42

2010: 28

2011: 27

2013: 31

2014: 30

2015: 49

2016: 65

Taco Smell  |  Thorn

Maybe Taco Bell franchisees hope Mexicans in the United States will “run for the border” and back to Mexico, if presidential perspirant Donald “Duck-face” Trump is elected. TACO PAC, the political action committee for franchisees, gave Trump $5,000, the max allowed under federal regulations, Food & Wine magazine reported. Hillary Clinton got no taco love.

Hair today — it’s the ‘50s  |  Thorn

Walking back from its ridiculously-racist dress code that banned Afros and cornrows for students, Butler Traditional High School now proposes a.. well, more traditional look for its kids: Well-groomed hair at a “reasonable” length, which for males is three inches max and above the collar, ears and the eyebrows. They also will be required to use Brylcreem, vote for Eisenhower, know their place and stay in it.

Uof$  |  Thorn

UofL says it is throwing an “economic development forum” on Aug. 26 to “focus on what west Louisville needs, how to finance projects and ways to turn community vision into reality.” The cost: $50 for individuals and $40 for students. A “limited number of comp” tickets are offered.  Who benefits from this economic development?

A Funnier Shade of Gray  |  Rose

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, the Democrat trying to unseat U.S. Sen. Rand “Also ran” Paul, had one of the funniest lines at annual political slug-fest, the Fancy Farm Picnic: “You know, calling him my opponent just doesn’t feel right, because Rand and I both have the same goal: to get him out of the Senate.”