Thorns & Roses: The Worst & Best (8/31)

Green eggs and shame  |  Thorn

No one was arrested at the state fair ham breakfast, during a protest over the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s hate-filled, anti-LGBTQ policies. But we wish Mayor Greg Fischer had stood in protest with U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth and others, instead of refusing to take a side and choosing instead to mediate. Bevin, classy as usual, mocked protesters by joking that they are anti ham. “Just don’t eat the ham,” he said, according to The Courier-Journal. So to you, governor, we say: “Before you eat all the ham on your plate, take care not to choke on words that discriminate.”

Thanks, Obevin!  |  Thorn

The Big Four Bridge, which we call the happiest place in the city, may get less happy. Waterfront Park officials propose charging for parking, $3 for three hours, to make up for Bevin-ordered cuts to the park’s budget. Then again, maybe more people would ride buses and bicycles. Thanks, Obevin!

Hardwhere?  |  Thorn

A bank wants to buy the property from under St. Matthews Hardware store and neighboring jeweler at Shelbyville and Westport roads. The hardware store owner says it would allow more family time. That is good. Not good is the drip, drip of disappearing independent stores like St. Matthews, where you can buy a faucet washer (just one) and learn how to install it. And do we need another bank branch?

All the speculation that fits in print  |  Thorn

Vandals hit the St. James Catholic Church in The Highlands. Bad enough, but a CJ story reported that the organist “speculated it could have been someone leaving the bars along Bardstown,” or “members of the homeless population who sleep in the doorways of the church.”

Entitlement — nein!  |  Thorn

UK basketball coach John Calipari says senior forward Derek Willis will not miss any games, despite his June arrest on a charge of alcohol intoxication (he was passed out by the open driver’s door of a vehicle). “You guys know I don’t throw people under the bus,” Calipari told The CJ, then castigating the media for asking him about it. “I’m not going to write your stories and do all that stuff.”