5 Things to Do this Weekend in Louisville (8/12)


Joyce Manor, Diet Cig, Tiny Moving Parts, Boner City
New Vintage
$16-$18; 6:30 p.m.
This show has it all: Four solid acts and a bit of variety in each, and it’s under $20 (I’m on a budget OK!). Louisville’s own Boner City is a gritty punk band with a fun side (hence the name), Tiny Moving Parts mixes early emo with math rock, Diet Cig is a living soundtrack to a really good (but appropriately niche) indie film, and headliners Joyce Manor are a pop-punk throwback straight out of a ‘90s skater’s wet dream.


Planet Watch with the Louisville Astronomical Society
Bernheim Forest
$10-$12; 9 p.m.
Giant space rocks are falling out of the sky this weekend (or if your inner child is dead, you might call it a Perseids meteor shower). And you can see that, as well as a number of planets and other astronomical oddities, in amazing clarity, thanks to the Louisville Astronomical Society and its high-powered telescopes. Don’t miss this chance to have science, and the enormity of space, blow your mind.

Block Party with Louisville hip-hop artists
15th Street and Broadway
Free; Noon
Join visual artist Alyx McClain, and the best in Louisville hip-hop, for a Sprite Corner Rebirth Block Party this Saturday. In addition to the friends, family and fleet of food trucks, there will be live musical acts by RMW2LLZ, Touch A.C., Bird Zoo, Otis Junior, Shed Squad and plenty more!


Beer Tasting & Coloring Contest
Hilltop Tavern
Free; 5 p.m.
You ever see your niece or nephew coloring in their Godzilla coloring book and think: “Damn, why you bogarting all the fun!” Well don’t be a jealous dirtbag like me and steal it from them. Just head over to Hilltop Tavern, where there will be plenty of coloring supplies ready for a coloring contest. As well as four beers from four breweries that participated in a recent brewing contest.

Puppies & Pints
Hub Louisville
Free; 3 p.m.
Grab your four-legged friend (and a leash) and head to The Hub Louisville this weekend for Puppies & Pint night! This is where humans can enjoy puppy-themed snacks and beer specials, while the dogs sniff each other and nom on some doggy jerky and iced treats. And if you’re lucky you might meet a fellow dog lover who will sniff you! It’s a win-win!