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on a buff and beautiful noah

I’m a Catholic, and I know that this is total BS. Religion is a guideline for life. Not fact. Crazy people in all walks of life. Kinda like most of the people who work at the Leo.       — Ian McDonald

This drives me insane — stupid KentARKy.       — Mimi Pritchett

On this ky lady ain’t sorry

A few tongue-in-cheek lines on the back of a wine bottle set gender equality back decades? Really? This article is a dumb, emotional response to an innocent joke … You’re better than this, LEO.
— Dylan Greenwood

PC run amok … It’s called satire. It makes label reading much less boring. Menfolk can drink it too. By your line of thinking, less-macho men should be offended by the rugged Sam Elliott Dodge Ram commercials oozing with masculinity and testosterone … Lighten up please.
— Linda Martin Klosterman

Actually, yeah, that over-masculine-ated propaganda is pretty pathetic, and it doesn’t take less of a man to figure that out. By your logic, we should just say screw it, and allow our social progress to go back in time and produce more “satire” of women working in kitchens. Better yet, let’s make light of it being socially acceptable to beat your wife. Take a stand — this is the kind of “satire” that is being fed to us on a daily bases, and it shapes the minds of a lot of impressionable young folks …
— Kirk Kimsey

Thanks, Kelsey, for not letting Old 502 Winery’s casual sexism slide. This sort of thing should not be considered normal or benign. It undermines the concept of a woman being an intelligent adult capable of distinguishing quality from tripe. Just as revolting, the words are particularly unpleasant, as they intentionally conjure up the image of a prostitute, as if that’s a good thing and a fun comparison to make with their “lady” customers.             — Mary Groft


“Unconventional”  |  By Keith Welch

In Cleveland, where the Indians play
there is a looming sense
that something wicked comes their way
its name is Trump & Pence

Pence & Trump! Trump & Pence!
their names spell certain doom
their delegates are on the fence
and the donors all a-gloom

Who knows what voting will occur
when delegates are tested –
is TrumPence victory assured?
Or will it be arrested?

I predict, when the smoke has cleared
TrumPence will be selected
the platform will be mighty weird,
and the RNC? Dejected.