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On Welcome to Your Ark Park

I had heard about the plans to build the Ark theme park! And the tax-exempt approval requested and approved. I will be interested to see how this is accepted by all Kentucky citizens [and] as a global tourist attraction. Please continue to inform [with] objective info, as LEO is the only publication that will do so. Thank you LEO. — Sandra Stoler

Further proving the LEO is only good for one thing. However, I just stocked up on toilet paper, so it’s just a worthless rag.
— Jason Kassovic

Applause for treating this as what it is! Bravo.
— Bo Cecil

Glad you guys are tolerant of all worldviews.
— Ronyal Horton

Among the best lampoons ever — or in past 6,000 years anyway.
— Syndi Chesser

Thank you. This farce is just another reason why others think of Kentucky as home of the ignorant.
— Tracy Dee

Where’s the tolerance you people always ask for — for baby killers and such? … Why is it so horrible the park gets a tax break? Never mind. I know it’s because you disagree. Bet you’re just fine with … all the green energy, B.S. tax breaks.
— Bruce Smith

Don’t forget about the dinosaurs, now. Lol. Yes, that’s right! Dinosaurs on the friggn’ ark. You can’t make this stuff up.
— Rachel Jones-Wallace

Most cartoons are funny, but this joke played on Kentucky taxpayers certainly isn’t.
— Lana Blanca

on editor’s note: fewer zoos now

Hate the amusement-park atmosphere that the Louisville Zoo now has. Loved the old, and understand that it takes money to save the animals. But do not like today’s Louisville Zoo.

— Cheryl Marie Held

Thank you for your very poignant article. Many people cannot take care of their children, or their pets, and we trust them to take care of endangered wildlife. Let us hope we learn to change how we think and act before there is no wildlife to protect.

— Barry Cooper

On Gov. Matt Bevin, a spoiled “fresh start” for UofL

Impeach Bevin, put him in Noah’s bug boat and float him down his river of bullshit.
— Kurt Hughes

You voted for it Kentucky. So suck it up! I have 0 remorse for you!
— Scott Kays