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On Editor’s Note: Bevin, Ouster-in-Chief

This is what happens when the Democrats don’t go out and vote! — Barbara Ann Meek

[Gov. Matt] Bevin’s tyrannical governance is truly frightening … and the best example I can think of as to what a Trump presidency would look like. Perhaps that is why God allowed him to be elected: as a dire warning to the nation. — Tim Schooler

Matt might be a good prospect for Trump’s v.p. … ”You’re Fired!”

— Peggy Jansing Welsh

On Editor’s Note: Ballots over bullets

It’s unusual for me to agree with a liberal on much of anything. However, all lobbyist groups need to be removed from [Washington], D.C., not just the ones that don’t fit the liberal agenda … Enforce the laws we currently have, to the letter. If we aren’t enforcing these, then how [will] creating new ones that will not be enforced help any? — David Brown

On what food would you miss if you moved away?

A difficult question. I am a Louisvillian who has lived in Mexico for over 10 years, but cannot think of a local food I really crave … A couple of things I sometimes crave, but [are] not exactly local, are rolled oysters and White Castles. — Robert Martin

Bristol Bar & Grille, yes. Artichoke Fritters? No. It’s the Green Chili Won-Tons with guacamole dip that I crave, and go back for whenever I hit town. — Kevin Morrice

On Shane Peabody Powell: Heroin, Scare-oin

I’m glad LEO is covering this epidemic for this area. Had a neighbor hooked on that crap. ­

— Joshua Shain Jaggers

Jesus can’t save you from anything. Were all these addicts forced by someone to do the drugs? — Tk Kinzel

On kyle meredith: when politics ruin music

I can 100-percent agree. I don’t usually seek out info about a celebrity’s political views, unless it is already being written about. It’s hard to like someone in the creative field if you don’t feel that they see other important issues eye-to-eye with your beliefs.

— Emily Clayton

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