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on faces of hope: new legacy aims to break the prison cycle

I think this is a wonderful concept, and a very needed service. Thank you for what you’re doing. —Fausta Luchini

This is great to know! I do prison ministry, and know of other resources in Louisville, but had not heard of this … [T]hanks for the article and to the Nelsons for being obedient to God’s call! More is needed to help reduce recidivism rates in Kentucky, especially in Louisville.              — Sarah Lynn Granberg

on editor’s note: not a teachable monument

Amen brother!!! — Dee Allen

Let’s just say it. It’s about being in front of the Speed Art Museum.     —Donnie Hamby

What else would you expect from a Yarmuth, son of a liberal so-called representative. Nothing but falsehoods here. The majority of Confederate soldiers didn’t own slaves, and the war was not about slavery, but the invasion of their homeland … This monument honors dead soldiers, who deserve honor and respect, not unilaterally destroyed by Mayor Fischer, [James] Ramsey, Mike O’Connell, and Ricky Jones! — Scarlett O’Hara

(ed. note: “Gone With the Wind,” really?)

… If an 1800s group of ladies worked hard to collect the monies, and raised a near-identical Union memorial right beside this one, would we want both removed? I stood at this statue many times as a child, and it reminded, and educated, me about the strength of those who held these backward, wrong-headed beliefs so strongly that it became the bloodiest war of our history … But, to bring us up to date, look how many sadly-uninformed people have voted for a racist, misogynistic, draft-dodging liar for our next president … — Larry Curl

on Erica rucker: Alright, already

… [Y]ou once again had insights that went way beyond my way of thinking about that NRA convention and those pitiful people who buy into its fear. That dangerous spectacle, sought after by the city that sold itself for that blood money, makes me skeptical that Louisville can recover its compassionate self … To me, compassion is very holy concept and has been trumped by evil in this case … I share your intolerance for the hateful chest puffers who “diddle each other with ammunition,” and I admire your apt description. Thank you; now I can laugh at them more easily. And I’m grateful to you for your conclusion that so unites me with them. Yes, we’re all scared … — Barbara Cambron

Way to go, Erica! Thanks for helping me to not feel guilty about my intolerance of these numbnutz. Best column in LEO in a long time, including Shane Peabody Powell, who has it goin’ on!

— Ann Lawter Pollard

on shane peabody powell: ken ham pack up your goofy set of tricks

It’s like MF Doom has a column in The LEO. — Ethan Adrian

God haters never give up. — Ronyal Horton