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On So we understand why they were built — Civil War monuments

It is refreshing to see a fact-based article regarding this issue, rather than the rhetoric to which many people usually resort … —Philip Edwards

So, the best light that can be shined upon (some of) the monument apologists is that they were low-information types easily conned into believing that the “Lost Cause” was honorable … The insurrection was fought to maintain the evil institution of slavery … Any monument celebrating the Confederacy does not belong on public lands.   —John Whitney Jr.

Good article. While Kentucky was officially neutral, a majority of Kentuckians supported the North, not over the issue of slavery  … but to preserve the union. However, it was the abuse of the South under Reconstruction that drew Kentuckians to the “Lost Cause.”            —Paul Hosse

On Impeach Gov. Bevin?

… The solution you offer is to vote next time, as if the voting booth is the only place we are able to exercise our civic right to be represented by elected officials. You are basically telling all of us [who] are unhappy with Gov. Bevin’s policies that we have to shut up and take it. The entire framing of the article makes it seem like further disenfranchisement is tolerable. It isn’t … Organization, dissent and revolt — such as a petition for impeachment — are our recourse to change in the face of the corporate-beholden duopoly of our two major parties. —Zach Driscoll

… I was unhappy to see that our far-sighted legislators have never passed a law allowing a simple recall election for those times when a scumbag doesn’t break the law but acts in an egregious manner… kind of like what Bevin is doing. —Bob Frederick

On Democratic path to the Senate in deep-red Kentucky

Not even a mention of [Senate candidate] Sellus Wilder? I guess Kentucky Democrats are content to trot the same old kind of horse to slaughter every time? If Democrats are going to lose, they’d better damned well at least have a better message for people than muttering “jobs” over and over … hoping that the big pile of money amassed will deflect attention away from how milquetoast and underdeveloped the campaigns and ideas coming out of the last three Democratic Senatorial campaigns really were (and are going to be?). —Brian Maurer

On Say it ain’t so, Doc!

That was our experience too … Service was decent to good, but [it] was one of the worst meals we have ever eaten … I might give it one more chance just to see if they have ironed out the opening-week yuck … —Stacey Bradley Tyrrell

… Absolutely awful. It feels like a cafeteria. Staff is untrained. Slow, slow, slow service, and, at best, uninspired food … Vowed to never return.  —Stephanie Morris

I went to Doc’s last night. I was a little afraid after all of the horrible reviews that I had heard … I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe they have made chef changes, or worked the kinks out because I thought the food … was good and not overpriced at all.     —Angie McIntyre