Les Disinfectantes: To a World Without Pain or Violence


If anything, the music of Les Disinfectantes, the platform for Kodan Armada and Prideswallower alum Adam Rains, is an exercise in exorcism. Laid to its barest, To a World Without Pain or Suffering, the second from Rains under this name, is as much an exaltation of guitar as it is a purging of emotional baggage. The narrative quality of the lyrics seem aimed at attending to isolation and loneliness as much as to anything else, like a musical therapy session that we are all privy to. This is painfully intimate music rendered all the more powerful by sheets of guitar and thunderous drumming. As such, there is a catharsis here that defies convention, at least by any pop standards, that this is made not for any specific audience, but for the composer first and foremost.