On kynect, Benefind…and Thunder

So, is he going to do it?
Brit 1: What are you talking about? Is who going to do what?
Brit 2: Is Gov. Matt Bevin going to pull the plug on Kynect and Medicaid expansion or is he going to welch out of it?
B1: Well presumably he wants to deliver at least one campaign promise, so it might as well be the big one. Bevin is the kind of arrogant Muppet who will never admit that he is wrong about anything. So despite the current Benefind farce, my bet is that he’ll still dismantle Kynect, pronto. In his mind, the two aren’t related.
B2: I’m not so sure. I think Benefind allows him to back out of terminating healthcare reform completely without losing face. Privately he must realize that he’s got the reverse Midas Touch at the moment, and he stands a far better chance of being more than a one-term governor if he finds an excuse to back out. Which he now has.
B1: For zealots like him there is no bad outcome from killing Kynect and forcing people on to the federal exchange. Neither is there any irony in it. Same goes for most of the nabobs who voted for him. Like all Republicans and far too many Democrats, at least in this state, the idea that healthcare is a right doesn’t even get on the radar.
B2: As it happens, I don’t think healthcare is a right either — the world’s wealthiest nation providing affordable healthcare to all citizens is right but not a right. Besides, there is no such thing as free healthcare. People think Brits get free healthcare, which is bloody nonsense. Anyway, the bungled launch of Benefind can easily be blamed on Gov. Steve Beshear but is also a handy excuse to delay terminating Kynect and Medicaid expansion, a potential disaster that can easily be avoided.
B1: Ever the pedant, aren’t you? Frankly, if people don’t understand that healthcare is a fundamental right, just like education, shelter and real football, they need to go back to the 1800s. That said, and I hate to admit it, you are at least right about free healthcare. Bill-free healthcare is a much better way of describing what most of the civilized world enjoys. But I also think you are crediting our new governor with a degree of critical thinking ability and self-awareness that he patently lacks. Getting rid of something that will forever be attached to Obama’s name isn’t something that matters — it’s the only thing that matters.
B2: You’re forgetting about the selfie contest. Speaking of things that matter, I take it you are excited about Thunder over Louisville?
B1: There had better be a good punchline coming.
B2: Come on, Thunder is one of the great days of the year.
B1: I saw an air show when I was a nipper, and that was quite enough, thank you. Straining your neck for a fleeting glimpse of lethal military hardware isn’t my idea of fun. If they strap Bevin and Kim Davis to the wings of a Sopwith Camel I might be up for watching that.
B2: For a lot of people around town it’s a day of great excitement, a mixture of local and national pride. And it’s one of the unique things about this city.
B1: What, is this suddenly the only aircraft and firework display in the country? Not only are the planes generally old and decrepit, but outside of Rick Pitino’s salary it’s hard to think of a more shameful waste of money, no matter where the dough comes from. The net economic benefit is well hidden from the public, probably because there isn’t one. All it really does is bring in elements from out of town that I would much rather stayed out of town. Much like Pitino.
B2: Louisville’s waterfront is a great setting for seeing the equivalent of a thousand teachers’ salaries go up in smoke, and besides, nothing distracts the hoi polloi from this city’s real problems quite like shiny lights and explosions. Although I could have lived without some country types pelting my car with empty ‘Natty Lite cans during last year’s two-hour journey home.
B1: Unfortunate. As is your not-so-subtle tone of sarcasm. For now we’ll have to call the Bevin chat a tie, but Thunder is a clear victory for the haters.
B2: I am sure Mayor Greg Fischer can come up with a more robust defense of Thunder. But I can’t. I’ll give you this one.