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On “Red bird down”

Mr. Yarmuth: I find it incomprehensible that you and many others continue to mourn the U of L basketball team’s post-season ban.  While heretical in this state to admit, this is just a case of non-participation in NCAA games . . . that’s about it! At a time when our state’s higher education [system faces] so many more dire circumstances than a college team’s self-imposed ban, I sit amazed by the apathy expressed for these other matters, which more directly and more severely affect the educational outcomes for scholars and future workers in our state.  When we have colleges and universities in the Commonwealth closing programs or struggling for resources to fulfill program missions we should be far more concerned with that than whining over a couple of transfers who don’t get play in the “big game.”  Student and faculty academic livelihoods hang in balance, yet all this state ever seems to want to discuss is basketball!  Normally I applaud you and LEO for sensible, if not intelligent responses to community issues; but not this time, put this in perspective for yourself and your readership.

—Kevin B. Shields, March 17


On “Fall of the House”

I want to start off and say that I have been a fan of the LEO weekly for 20+ years. I have never written in, but after reading “Fall of the house” article written by Erica Rucker, I felt I had to. This article was one of the most ignorant, pretentious, anti-white articles I have ever seen in the LEO. My heart hurts that people think of this country the way Erica does. She has a major chip on her shoulder, and her article reflects that. In her article she claimed, and I quote, “It isn’t black and white. It’s White, and it is the responsibility of those who benefit most from the system to make sure that, if inclusion is the goal, the system works for all.” First off, I wasn’t aware that I was benefiting from the system. I am unsure if Erica understand this, but a white man created the LEO weekly, and without him she would be unable to have a vehicle to spout her racist articles. So the “system” seems to have worked for her as well. Second, LEO needs to get back to thought-provoking articles. We need substance, and inclusion, not black power racism like the one found here. You can do better! Thanks from a long-time fan.

—Ted, March 20


on “Let’s go to the Hub! No, the other Hub …”

A favorite hangout. Love the kale salad, breakfast roti, and we don’t even want to discuss the desserts! Great coffee. Staff is awesome. Thanks for the story, The Hub is the “Bee’s Knees”!

—Barbara Anderson, March 18


on “Get to work Matthew Griswold Bevin!”

I mighta’ stayed in L’ville if I could hang with you and your undoubtedly bizarro following. I’m going to try to read this aloud, but my lungs ain’t what they used to be.

—Denise Heberle, March 17


on “Get to work Matthew Griswold Bevin!”

Unbelievably hilarious. Wish I’d a written it.

—Gretchen Stein Henry, March 17