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On “Oakdale: Snapshot of a neighborhood in distress”

Many of the neighborhoods near Churchill Downs are near to being blighted. Does Churchill Downs participate in any community outreach for the surrounding neighborhoods?

—Bryan Mercke, March 9


on “Nice caucus, Trump”

The Republicans will get a taste of their own medicine if Trump is president. They opposed Obama so much. What will they do with this tyrant? —Teresa Whitfield, March 10


on “Oakdale: Snapshot of a neighborhood in distress”

On behalf of the Chickasaw neighborhood in West Louisville, we are also in the fight to maintain our neighborhood as a vibrant place to live without being troubled by excessive crime and vices and drugs. Continue to organize and encourage area residents to support the neighborhood association, which is an excellent vehicle to move forward solutions for improvement. We are all in this together. Lets collaborate and make for change!

—Donovan Taylor, March 9


“Nice CaUcus, Trump”

The Vox article about the rise of authoritarians puts all this in a whole new perspective. It’s worth a read. —Connie Back, March 10


“Nice CaUcus, Trump”

Love the “Rand Paul caucus” reference — stunning how many registered Republicans I know who weren’t aware of why they were caucusing instead of having a primary. Great read!

—Brenda Allen Sutton, March 10


Dear Editor,

Articles like Holly Houston’s “Moral Majority” (2/24/2016) start a parade of questions. Why is the woman blamed, held responsible for and made to pay for an unwanted pregnancy? Nature made woman the vessel but she does not self pollinate. Why are we not looking for ways of prevention via the male? For example: Are scientists researching transplanting fertilized eggs into male bodies? Vasectomies are effective preventives should a woman be free to ask for one for her new born son? Or should vasectomies be mandated for over productive males? Why aren’t schools, public and private, providing sex education beginning later than fifth grade plus? If the state assumes the right to control private lives what benefits does it offer? A guarantee of food, clothing, housing, health care, quality educational choices, living wage jobs, right to live (no wars?) Other? What are religious leaders doing to care for unwanted, malformed or orphaned babies? Orphaned because the mother died giving birth? If men had to sacrifice for prevention and/or control healthcare coverage would be allowed. On the other hand, unless born into a wealthy or a high profile politician’s home all babies are pawns to the desires of the privileged few. —Maie Klaphaak, March 9