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Always a good night with @jukeboxtheghost! Thanks @leoweekly for the tickets! #totesghost —lauralouwhoo, March 2


on “United States of Apple (Inc.)”

Aaron Yarmuth misses the mark on this debate. Mainly because he ignores the fact it should be a debate. His argument sums up as “Apple shut up and do what the government says.” That sounds a lot like tyranny to me. The details on this case are nuanced in the technology. Apple gave the FBI all the data stored on their servers from that phone. Apple doesn’t know the password to the phone so they can’t give it out. What Apple is disputing is the government compelling Apple to build a tool to crack into the phone. This is like the government demanding a safe manufacturer build a safe-cracking device. If the government can compel Apple to build a tool they don’t have, don’t need and don’t want, how far away is having soldiers housed in civilian homes? Apple is using their legal right to dispute government requests just as the FBI used their legal rights to make the request. While I personally disagree with the “corporations are people” status, Apple Inc. and/or its shareholders should be able to dispute a request by the government without being accused of “obstructing federal authorities.”     —James McPherson, March 4


on “Adapt or die”

Adapt or die. Nothing like an alarmist title to grab eyeballs. Libraries were never “simply repositories for books.” And evolving is nothing new for LFPL — or any library. The original Carnegie library in Pittsburgh had a music hall, a gym, a pool and a bowling alley. Once upon a time LFPL checked out toys and works of art. Once these services were no longer desirable, libraries moved on to other ways to meet user needs. The internet is just another example. This is a great ad for LFPL services, title notwithstanding, but don’t dislocate a shoulder patting yourselves on the back, guys. —Krista Biggs, March 3


on “United States of Apple (Inc.)”

Apple builds a back door, then the terriosts stop using Apple and start using Ukraine’s version of Apple (Good luck Mr. FBI getting them to give you that back door). —Robert Vetter, March 3


on “United States of Apple (Inc.)”

Once Apple capitulates to our government, what’s to stop China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, et cetera from demanding the same priviledge? —Larry Kraman, March 2


on “What they said: Quotes from the Trump rally”

It’s almost like a real life “South Park” episode.

—Kyle Ezell, March 2