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@leoweekly @yarmuth @RepJohnYarmuth Like father like son, right? Thanks for participating in #TakeAStandLou!

—Coalition for the Homeless, @louhomeless


On “Tailspin Ale Fest with LEO Weekly”

One of the most genius things ever. @TailspinAleFest @leoweekly #pretzelnecklace —Dan @tannydanner86


On “In search of Louisville’s homeless”

Thanks so much to Kevin Gibson for this thoughtful and thorough piece, and for joining us on the Street Count. We are grateful that you all are spreading the word about Louisville’s street homeless population and this very important annual volunteer opportunity, especially this year, as we aim to end chronic homelessness in Louisville. —Coalition for the Homeless, Feb. 17


On “In search of Louisville’s homeless”

I volunteered for this a couple years ago and asked a women if she was homeless or needed assistance. She wasn’t and was pissed I asked! —Dustin Ferrell, Feb. 17


On “In search of Louisville’s homeless”

I am not sure why posting the areas people live in is a good idea. It is dangerous for them and makes them a target. Or people start advertising homeless live here and then they are kicked out. This is irresponsible. —Kimberly Joy Loveall, Feb. 17


On “In search of Louisville’s homeless”

A lot of the homeless spend their cold nights in 24-hour fast food [restaurants like] McDonalds and White Castle.

—Jerry Chung, Feb. 17


on “In search of Louisville’s homeless”

As a member of Keep Louisville Warm, I appreciate this article. It shows that homeless people are people not just a blob walking around panhandling. They are people with a life, not the one they probably want but they are a person just trying to survive. Thank you. — Michelle Dinker Puckett, Feb. 19