Teal Grapefruit: Heart Of Being


The noise that Teal Grapefruit makes is delightfully unpleasant, as showcased throughout their new four-song EP “Heart Of Being.” The first two tracks maintain a brooding slow-build that centers around one particular riff from start to finish. Throughout the second song — the title track — there’s a menacing distorted bass line that serves as a nice backdrop for Clint Colburn’s dreary vocals, which, at times, remind me of Michael Gira, and, at others, I’m thinking of Iggy Pop. “Clean/Clear” closes the album as a 13-plus minute journey that opens with some light guitar and wailing vocals, but eventually morphs into an upbeat toe-tapper decorated with funky guitar licks and energetic bass-playing. In short, “Heart Of Being” is a must-listen for fans of The Stooges, Swans and the like.