Kitten- & Puppy-Grams from 
the Kentucky Humane Society

Just imagine it, your loved one is sitting at work, bored to within an inch of their life. And then an angel from the Kentucky Humane Society appears with a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, a handwritten card and the friggin’ cutest puppy or kitten you ever saw! Presuming your loved one doesn’t drop dead then and there because life after that moment would never be better, you can tell them that all of the money you spent on that kitten- or puppy-gram went directly to the Kentucky Humane Society so that they can continue being Kentucky’s largest no-kill shelter (housing over 6,300 animals).

For a donation of $200 (tax-deductible by the way), recipients will get a bouquet of flowers from Oberers Flowers, chocolates from Cellar Door and spend at least 30 minutes with either a seven-week-old Beagle puppy, or a six-week-old kitten. Kitten- or Puppy-grams can be delivered on either Feb. 11 or Feb. 12. And if you donate more than $200, you may get some added perks (contact Development Director Alisa Gray to learn more). Interested? Well act fast because availability is limited. To reserve your gram call 515-3131 or email [email protected] Reservations must be made by noon on Feb. 10