Curio Key Club: Curio Key Club


There is a dearth of prog-infused funk in Louisville that the Curio Key Club is all too willing to fill. On their partially-instrumental debut, the band explores a style that ranges from the prog meanderings of The Mahavishnu Orchestra or Magma to later era-Herbie Hancock or Stevie Wonder, with a dash of Arcade Fire. It’s a magic blend that, while delving into some headier material, never loses sight of a great melody or tight groove. This is an easy listen from start to finish that offers a little sunshine on a cold day, but without ever sacrificing musicianship for pop flare. The instrumentation, from the guitars to the horn section to the drums, bass and keys, is remarkable with a host of talent on board that manages to impress, albeit with a delightful restraint given the genre — everything is in its right place.