Atomo: The Evaporated Life


Imagine a future envisioned by the ’80s made tangible in the present, and you have a fair grasp on what Atomo is offering. This is proto-electronica, the kind of bleak, but imminently danceable landscape proposed by Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” or Jan Hammer. You could easily picture this in a sci-fi movie of the time, preferably as someone on a hoverboard of some sort surfs over a digital landscape, ostensibly in pursuit of Nazis or terrorists who are trying to kidnap the president and/or destroy the community center. An all-instrumental affair, “The Evaporated Life” is as much rumination on that lost age, as it is a love song to classic 808 beats and unflinching synth tones. The beats plod like a mechanized beast, with a symphony of synths warbling and beeping in the background, a testament to electronic noises of all stripes.