Ari: Who Cares?

(self- released)

The title of Ari’s newest seems a bit inappropriate. On the one hand, it serves to reinforce the kind of teen angst that denies emotion in some kind of off-handed coolness, but no one rages this hard if they don’t care. So perhaps the question isn’t the blithe, apathetic dismissal that it may seem, and instead an honest, cultural appraisal: in the digital age, when everything can get lost in the static, who really cares? The short answer is Ari. They definitely care, as evidenced here by some very angry, and seemingly personal vocals, punctuated by distorted guitars and blast beats, or at least beats that blast out, if you want to get technical. And technical they do well, mining metalcore and the surrounding genres for tight grooves and emo for pop sensibilities, all while privileging complex riffs and time signatures.