Les Disinfectantes – Endless Pleasure


What an unexpected — and hopefully endless — pleasure it was to discover a release by erstwhile guitarist Adam Rains, who has remained largely absent since the awesome fuzzed-out grunge of Prideswallower. Operating currently as Les Disinfectantes, Rains has complete control over his instrument. The guitar work at play is similar to My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, albeit as filtered through a healthy dose of stoner metal that never loses track of a solid groove. Understandably then, the guitar is the star of the show, and Rains has proven to be a master at distorting and perverting conventional tone into something both colorful and intimidating. Songs like “The Vicar Has Turned To Dust” serve as an exercise in power, where the titular track “Endless Pleasure” settles on a brutal grunge vibe replete with a menacing growl and reverb-drenched vocals.