Carl W. Daniel: Dirty Drunk Love


Shawn Sleeps Naked singer Carl W. Daniel breaks out on his own with the recently-released “Dirty Drunk Love.” Here the singer eschews the jangly up-tempo ’90s alt of his band work, for a comparatively low-key and largely acoustic guitar-driven album. Daniel’s work here is delicate and gentle, touched by more than a little melancholy, but never too bleak or dark. These are thoughtful melodies laid out often in a simplistic way. Daniels is accompanied at times by light keyboard/organ work, glockenspiel or something like that, drums, and a tiny bit of electric guitar, all while keeping straight-forward acoustic riffs front and center on the journey. This is an easy album to listen to, laid back in all the right ways, like a lazy Sunday evening sitting on the porch with some friends.