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On “KFC Dumb! Center”

I wonder what the commonwealth would be like if it focused on education, class mobility, and creating a hospitable business environment as opposed to guns, Jesus™ and basketball.

—Bryan Zimmerman, Nov. 18


On “Life in the Big House”

@leoweekly Great issue, especially Carl Brown’s article. He should be a lobbyist for prison reform. Such sad stories.

—Alida Antonia, @ArtByAlida


On “Quality and Quantity: a conversation with Kogan dumb”

If you read anything today, ya gotta read @koganDUMB’s interview in @leoweekly // dude comes off hard [as f–k] and it’s awesome.             —s l o e p i n k @sloepink


On LEO’s Cover Art

Fresh ink. #leoweekly #inkedwell #newprint #louisville #freelance

—Inkdwell, Nov. 20


On “KFC Dumb! Center”

Kid Rock, alcohol and guns … I won’t be attending that concert.

—Ingrid Johnson, Nov. 18


on “The revolution will not be televised”

Thanks for giving voice to the sentiments of many in this community and beyond who long for justice and equality in each and every arena of public and private life. Thanks to social media, our voices are starting to be heard in ways that can no longer be ignored nor leave us feeling marginalized. Assuming, that is, that we can convince enough people who have been ignored and marginalized to use the main power tool they have to enact change — their vote!               —Tim Schooler, Nov. 19


On “A Q&A with artist Gibbs Rounsavall”

Gibbs was a previous teacher of mine for my tenth and some of my eleventh grade year. He was always supportive even if his students thought otherwise. His artwork is amazing and will always be inspiring. When he paints or even draws you can tell that he puts life and emotion into it. Gibbs is always going to be an inspiration to me and my art work. —Alicia Phillips, Nov. 18



Our Nov. 18 cover story “Six former editors recall their time at LEO” misidentified former Courier-Journal editor David Hawpe as David Hoth. Our apologies to Mr. Hawpe!