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On “Betting on the anti-vote: Bevin defeats Conway”
Nothing gets conservatives going more than a man who doesn’t know what he is doing. Matt Bevin ran on being a “political outsider,” which means he has no experience. Add on top of that cock fighting and tax evasion and you have the face of the GOP.
—Alex Hex, Nov. 5


On “Betting on the anti-vote: Bevin defeats Conway”
Under 1/3 voter turnout. People wouldn’t let the person ahead of them choose what groceries they buy, yet they let other people decide our representatives in government? We must do more as constituents to engage others. It doesn’t rest merely on those willing to show up as candidates. That’s the real story.
—Nancy Moïse Haws, Nov. 5


on “Betting on the anti-vote: Bevin defeats Conway”
“Bevin, on the other hand, has relied heavily on the ‘God and Country’ mantra, attracting the far-right political spectrum.” Your words, not mine. Not taken out of context. When did it become far right to believe in God and country. God help us all.
—Rick Condon, Nov. 4


on “Condom condemnation”
You are right regarding the schools in Louisville. I have lived in a number of states in this country and I find this area very, very backward. I have lived here for two years and feel like I am living in 1800s. Just look at yesterday’s election. Not only the people who ran for office but the people who voted them in. Wake up.
—Durwood Davenport, Nov. 4


on “The failure party”
I wish I could afford to fail, looks like the road to success for white male techies.
—Dolores S Delahanty, Nov. 5


on “No mystery to this Western writer’s success”
Craig Johnson is a man happy in his own skin. He can create characters who have deep and honest direction because he is much the same way. As a raconteur, he stands high and above many because he is so genuine. Love his books and, yes, I love the TV show as well.
—Irene Macconnell-Davinroy, Nov. 5


on “Altars placed on 4th Street for 
Dia de los Muertos”
Article about our show tomorrow night. 14 artists have all created AMAZING work for this. Come see us at Craft Gallery in downtown Louisville. —Jeral Tidwell @artboytidwell