No rools aloud?

Aloha! That’s right, no rules allowed. The enduring motto of Louisville’s eccentric rag. And no, we’re not retiring to the Hawaiian islands, but rather saying hello in our own way. That was how the 15-page, bi-weekly paper started: with a message from its founding father, John Yarmuth, saying simply, “Howdy.”

It’s LEO’s 25th birthday — our silver anniversary. So what do we want? Screw the silver. We’re colorful, damn it. No rules allowed. 

Here’s what we want:

25 more years of pissing off politicians … We’re sure they earned it.

25 more years of Louisville fun. From “Hot Times” and “Good Eats” to “NEON” and Plugged In, more fun! More fun! More fun!

25 more years of “News of the Weird,” “Free Will Astrology” and Etc.

25 more years of relevant irreverence; more sarcasm, snark and satire; more wit, wilderness and bewilderment; more rhymes and good times; and more booze.

Let’s make it 26 more years of booze. WhY NOt? no RULes reMember?

And 25 more years of you, Louisville. Without you, LEO does not work. Sure, we can continue to entertain ourselves, but that’s what that Internet’s for. We’re your alt-weekly, and we’re proud of it, damn it! We want you to be happy, sad, interested, entertained, offended, concerned, curious, pissed and, mostly, engaged. We need you. We need your voices and opinions. That’s what we’re here for — a voice of, by and for the people.

So if we only get one thing for our birthday, give us 25 more years of you. That’s all we ever really wanted anyway.