A moment of thanks

Despite the difficulties of this year, of which I’ve written, death, struggle, tiny house problems, there have been some bright spots. In keeping with the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, I need to say thanks for some special parts of my life.

I won’t apologize for anything you find cliché, it’s my list and these are the top five things that I have to thank the universe for. They might be cliché but I need them. Try your own list. Share it in the comments.

I’m thankful for the love and patience of a strong husband.

I’ve written about The Husband for years. He doesn’t make as many appearances as he used to when I wrote about music but he’s still here. During the emotional ups and downs of this year, he’s been rock steady and supportive. Because of him, I’ve finally felt secure enough to invest not only in my writing as a marketable skill but to invest in myself and trust that what I do matters. I’m happy to report that after taking the first steps towards writing as a career, I have no shortage of work.

I’m thankful for the insanity it is to be the mom of a toddler.

This job is not solely love and roses. Toddlers are jerks. Mine is often howling, throwing toys, hitting me, and in general, spitting nastiness for no other reason other than he is two. I’m grateful because he challenges me. He’s centered my life in ways that I’d never expected and he does, despite all of his horridness, love me. He loves me in the weirdest ways possible. He loves my feet. He likes when I pinch his “piggy meats” (his thighs) and he loves me when I play in the vat of dry macaroni with him. It’s wonderfully innocent and sweet. I have to be thankful for that.

I’m thankful for having friends and being a friend.

The give and take of relationships is one of the most enriching parts of living. I love my friends and I know they return that sentiment with fervor and grand kindness. They are the parts of my life that keep me grounded on this planet. I find myself getting easily distracted and sometimes down in the dregs of life but my friends pull me back to center, either because I need them to or because they need me to be the solid one. I love that at my age, I still feel a connection to my group of friends. I love that we still find time to see each other, to be silly and to challenge each other to be our best selves.

I am thankful for the gifts that my chosen career is starting to bring into my life.

I count my job as something that I am infinitely thankful for. I can’t imagine my life without writing and I have lived many years without it. Now that it is back in the center of my days, I feel electric. I get to do something that inspires me even if I’m writing blogs about doors. It’s amazing that someone appreciates what I have to offer so much so that they will allow me to write about their businesses, their products or their events. I grew up thinking that I wanted to be a music writer and interview famous people but knowing what I know now, I think I would have gotten bored with egos and asking the same questions about music that can get rehashed and derivative. I still get to interview musicians but I get the pleasure of diverse work. The doors are as exciting as the rock star. This career is a gift. I could as easily be working retail or fast food, struggling to make ends meet and ignoring the hunger filled by a creative career.

I am thankful for the music that I’ve listened to this year. Alina Baraz, girlfriend, I’m looking at you.

This year, for the first one since 2008, I’ve started to find music that I love. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and listen to Alina Baraz & Galimatias, SZA, and Banks. Not all of it was released this year but close enough to make the listening worthwhile. I suggest pairing with a good wine or something “relaxing.”

Most of all, enjoy the season with someone you love, respect, and treasure. If you don’t have that person, become that person for someone else. There are many who need it.