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On “Improv in the city”
Now if we could just get a “Best Improv Troupe” category in the Reader’s Choice Awards! — Stefan Gearhart, Oct. 15


On “Improv in the city”
Yo dawg, front of the LEO for ya boys! @DamGoodImprov 
@improvislaw @ParkerABowles —Rocky Williams, @rockthebear


On “LEO Podcast #9: Johnny azari”
Podcast, podcast, podcast! This guy, Scott! Podcast for 
@leoweekly of Louisville. My first podcast! To be published Friday! Podcast, podcast! I may mention the phrase “masterbation festival.” #podcast —johnnyazari, Oct. 15


on the passing of Ryan Kemp, 
featured in “Improv in the city”
What a loss to the arts community! I first experenced improv with Project Improv about 2003,2004 … those were such fun times. I grew up watching SNL, Second City TV, and knew of Second City as a hallowed training group for sketch comedians. So glad to see Louisville with improv groups still performing!
—Myra Craig, Oct. 14


Welcome Back!
Whatup Louisville. I’ve been missing you & your beautiful fall. Spending this a.m. at @HeineBrosCoffee w/ @leoweekly! 
 —Leslie Rodríguez, @l_slierodriguez