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On “Metro Council Votes to Fund West End Development”

Very much on point. Why aren’t they Considering multi family or duplex or two unit per lot development that could bring income and density? Project Rebound didn’t work. All the cheapo infill of the past fifteen years is either boarded or falling down. Why is every neighborhood getting these out of state quickie apartment complexes while west louisville gets none? Why are there no hybrid developments that could bring seniors and lower income and even short term stay apartments … Why is this always about the Mayoral photo op and never about the actual needs of the neighborhood? Why do we never redo what existing small scale housing still exists in Russell, perhaps adding a tiny house at the alley? Alley build is quite traditional here. Thanks for getting the juices going. I wish Metro Council and “develop” Louisville had a clue beyond the politicos expiration dates and worn out projects we already discounted years earlier.

—Debra Harlan, Sept. 30


On “We need a statesman, not a ‘Good man’”

What local congressman introduced the Food Freedom act to allow local farmers to process and sell meat locally, the Raw Milk Act, to legalize raw milk which is currently enforced by SWAT teams, and the Hemp Act, allowing Kentucky farmers to grow hemp? A democrat? No! A Tea Party Republican, Thomas Massie, although he did convince Yarmuth to co-sponsor the Hemp Act. You all love to disparage the Tea Party, but you are ignorant about what it really stands for — Freedom! You all are so ideological you can’t see what you have in common, so you cut off your nose to spite your face. Did you know it was the Tea Party “loonies” who maneuvered Boehner out? No, I’ll bet you didn’t.

—Betty Barnes, Sept. 30


on “Best Entrepreneur: Emily McCay”

What can I say? I am so very, very proud that you love my son!!

—Sharon Speck McCay, Oct. 5


on “Best Comedian: Amiri King”

Congrats Mr. King on turning your life around the way u did and I agree about Tom Mabe and glad he was your mentor, I think he’s great and he’s also my cousin.       —David Wohner Jr., Sept. 30


on “A Q&A with artist Sean Rademaker”

Your abilities amaze me! The talent you have been blessed with abounds and I hope you are blessed many times over for sharing your gift with us!                   —Steve Miller, Oct. 3


On “LEo Weekly’s READERS’ Choice Awards 2015”

Yo, what happened to the best nonprofit category? Didn’t that used to be a thing?                 —Jaison Ashley Gardner, Sept. 30


On “LEo Weekly’s READERS’ Choice Awards 2015”

Perhaps LEO would consider a snarky little quip at the beginning of certain categories, i.e.; “Best Local Band (other than My Morning Jacket as their ‘best-ness’ is recognized worldwide.” This could be helpful (and fun) for other categories that seem to confuse the public as well. —Margaret Archambault, Sept. 30


On “LEo Weekly’s READERS’ Choice Awards 2015”

No, LEO got Best Art Gallery wrong — Tim Faulkner Gallery is the best!       — Julie Anne Noble, Sept. 30