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On “Kim Davis and ‘sloppy Joes’”
Thomas Jefferson said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” Kim Davis was put in jail because she does not understand or accept the very founding principles that permit her to freely exercise her Christian beliefs.
—Hank Sutton, Sept. 13


On “Matinee idol Victor Mature”
Jo Anne … Thank you for the article on my old, long-time friend! He lived in Rancho Santa Fe, California, and had an affair with my mother! But we remained friends over the years! Great guy … and golfer! 😉 Best, Rexx Hunter (Mountain Country 107.9 FM)
—Ron Andrews, Sept. 12


on “Kim Davis and ‘sloppy Joes’”
You just keep on making me proud, Aaron. Now, please write about getting the vote out. Kentucky’s last primary saw 12 percent voter turnout!!! That is totally unacceptable.
—James Voyles, Sept. 11

on “The Plain Brown Reaper”
Glad to see you back in print, so we can reap your rap.
—Bev Walker, Sept. 11


on “Green Eggs and Hate”
Those weird positions by KFB that I just read here have zero relevance to farming and to producing foods. I respect farmers but I can never respect this kind of nonsense.
—Morgan Hoover, Spet. 11


on “Kim Davis and ‘sloppy Joes’”
Let’s hope this circus ends soon. I’m so disgusted that Louisville is in the state of Kentucky.
—Leslee Drury Benfield, Sept. 10


on “Kim Davis and ‘sloppy Joes’”
Who is FB stalking me? I said this 2 days ago…
—Patrick Bruner, Sept. 10


on “Kim Davis and ‘sloppy Joes’”
Thank you for writing an intelligent, well-versed commentary on the entire fiasco. Bravo! —Laura Brinton, Sept. 10


on “Leo podcast #4: 1200”
Really loving these podcasts! — Parasitic Noise, @parasiticnoise


political Writer woes
Don’t worry @Joe_Gerth. @MattBevin isn’t talking to me at @leoweekly, either. At least @ConwayforKY will talk to you, though he says little. — Mick Parsons @dirtysacred