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On “Green Eggs and Hate”

KFB’s [Kentucky Farm Bureau’s] long history of discriminatory policies against members, such as myself, who did not know, and have had their claims denied for obscure policy exclusions unbeknownst to us as policy holders until their claim was denied and our policy canceled. This was reported to the state but due to their political influence, mostly ignored! In addition to their biased policy of discrimination, they should also be investigated for their corrupt shadow government and political conservatism influence!                                                                        — Mike Yaden, Sept. 2


On “Music review of BEACONS — Black Boxes”

@ttaurisb @leoweekly reviewed “BLACK BOXES” and the comparisons mentioned are truly flattering.

— BEACONS @weareBEACONS, Sept. 8


On “Ember the Fire Bender and Jecek the Strange embark on a ‘Forever Tour’”

This is just an amazing story … heartwarming!

— Tonya Jo Rhoades, Sept. 4


On “Once Upon an Internet Troll”

Amen. You have the patience of Job. —Jennifer Hagan, Sept. 3


On “Green Eggs and Hate”

What’s the background on the KFB? Are they owned by some RWNJ? — John Williams, Sept. 3


On “Green Eggs and Hate”

Looks like I’ll be finding a new insurance company.

— Shelly Toler Trent, Sept. 2


On “Green Eggs and Hate”

I am furious and a KFB customer … OMG! — Julie Harris Smith, Sept. 2


On “Green Eggs and Hate”

Insightful, relevant article. Depending on the reaction we get from our local agent, we will probably take our money elsewhere. — J.r. Bauer, Sept. 2


On “Green Eggs and Hate”

Excellent story Aaron Yarmuth. Kentucky should not allow itself to remain a laughing stock in the national eye. At some point we must stand up for what is right, defend and promote tolerance among all of its citizens, and drag ourselves out of the 19th century and into the 21st. — Michael J. Leibson, Sept. 2