Twin Limb release single “Don’t Even Think,” announce EP details

Wrapped in swirling ambience and stormy guitars, Twin Limb’s new single, “Don’t Even Think,” sees the one-time duo of MaryLiz Bender and Lacey Guthrie, which has developed into a trio — with the relatively recent addition of Louisville music scene staple and owner of La La Land studio Kevin Ratterman — continuing to build upon their ominous, piercing, dark and experimental folk. “Don’t Even Think” — which was written a while back and has evolved alongside the band — epitomizes the sort of intensity that Twin Limb can generate from the ground up, building layers of carefully-constructed twists and turns on a minimalistic mindset. Their progression has been a sure and steady one, sticking with their idiosyncratic identity, but continuing to push it as far as they can. A few weeks back, on an episode of the LEO Podcast, they told me that their first full-length has been delayed because it’s something they wanted to take their time with — and obviously the structural changes within the group has switched things up — but they also said they were planning to release an EP in the meantime. Today, along with the release of this new single, they announced that the EP, “Anything Is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense,” will be available on Friday, November 13.