Best Yoga Studio: Yoga on Baxter

Congratulations to Yoga on Baxter for winning LEO’s Readers’ Choice award for Best Yoga Studio for the fifth time! If you have driven down Eastern Parkway in the Highlands, you’ve probably noticed the busy studio with the curious name. Why Yoga on Baxter when the studio is so obviously on Eastern Parkway?

The original Studio That Kristi Fulkerson opened upon her return to Louisville was on Baxter and, according to Kristi, had a bit of a subterranean vibe, so when the current space at 1611 Eastern Parkway became available, Kristi moved her shop around the corner. Although the building has a rich history, it is difficult for me to imagine it being anything other than a great studio. Huge windows in the front let in lots of light, and combined with the lush plants and squeaky clean floors, it just gives off this friendly, fresh-scrubbed, healthy vibe. The studio has a very busy schedule and offers classes in hot yoga, vinyasa, yin, bowspring, Skanda and others.

It seems pretty clear why Yoga on Baxter continues to dominate this Readers’ Choice category. First off, it has that great Highlands’ feel — very friendly and approachable. Instructors are at the sign in desk, greeting you and asking if you have any questions. Students greet and speak to one another, joking about the upcoming class and creating a relaxed and expectant atmosphere. You know that what you are getting ready to do is going to be somewhat challenging, but you’ve got likeminded folks all around you, going through their own personal challenges.

The other reason Yoga on Baxter has done so well has to be the amazing teachers. Kristi originally certified with Bikram Choudhury and the Yoga College of India in Beverly Hills and has studied with Ana Forrest and Tony Sanchez as well. Her knowledge and experience really come out when she is guiding you through your practice. Kristi said when it comes to her teachers, she only wants the very best around. The teachers at Yoga on Baxter are intuitive, patient and very willing to expect a little bit more from the students. The students seem to appreciate the extra nudge out of their comfort zone and also appreciate the expert physical adjustments offered — no cranking, or pulling, usually a gentle touch to help remind you to drop the shoulders or shift the weight forward. Adjustments executed with the kind of confidence and care you would expect from a caring experienced yoga instructor. The people have spoken and again, Yoga on Baxter wins best yoga in Louisville and for good reason!