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On Artist Profile “Samal McNealy”

DUDE!! YES!! Samal World-McNealy is one of my favorite artists who ever existed!!!! — Antonio Pantoja, Aug. 16


From LEO’s Margaritas in the ‘Ville

Sometimes I drink tequila and get to judge margaritas #eljimador #tequila #margarita #cocktails #margaritasintheville #cheers #leoweekly — catplatz, Aug. 14


From LEO’s Margaritas in the ‘Ville

We totally killed the photo booth game tonight. #margaritasintheville #margaritacontest #captainsquarters #igerslouisville #louisville #kentucky #photobooth #InstaSize #eljimador #nailedit #vsco #vscocam #leoweekly #tequila #margaritas — skkend10, Aug. 14


On “Pro-life beats Pro-choice, 50-50”

Guy, it is a human baby, to call [it] anything other dehumanizes the life. That mass of dividing cells only becomes one thing, a human from the moment of conception. — Tony Smith, Aug. 12


On “Political Hockey:
the EPA, the governor, and the wanna-be”

Kentuckians need leaders who will transition us to a healthier and cleaner future not the good ol’ boys coal club who only look to the pa$t. Green energy jobs are growing in many other states who have visionary leaders. Why not in Kentucky? — Rosanne Fitts Klarer, Aug. 14


On “Seviche remains No. 1 even when the chef’s away”

Ate there last night and it was excellent as usual. — David Scales, Aug. 16


On “Pro-life beats Pro-choice, 50-50”

HOGWASH … The only baby involved is the one floating around in your empty head … NEWSFLASH killing babies [is] murder … If you know of one, run don’t walk to your nearest District Attorney office and file [a] complaint … Let me know how that works for you … You can not be allowed to abuse language to suit your silly purposes. — Daniel Guillot, Aug. 14