Sloe Pink – 27 Club


With the release of “27 Club,” emcee Sloe Pink and producer Dr. Dundiff unleash a mellow throwback to the golden age of hip-hop. This is a super mild album, in the best possible way — chill, but with a kinetic energy. As has become his standard, this is some top notch Dr. Dundiff production, which explores scattered beats and colorful, almost chip-tune inspired melodies, like if there was an 8-bit Nintendo Mo’Town album. As such, the music is very much like classic Stones Throw — easy to digest, but certainly interesting. Sloe Pink delivers too, with a flow that matches the ease of the beat, and a nice narrative slant alongside that. I can assume the titular club is a reference to artists that check out too soon. My only hope is that this doesn’t happen here, as the world needs more from Sloe Pink and Dr. Dundiff.