Airplane Jumper – A Self That Touches All Edges


With the release of “Enormous,” the advanced single for the impending full-length, Airplane Jumper made a strong enough impression that it was one of two tracks I selected for a mid-year best-of list. Does “A Self That Touches All Edges” live up to that hype? Absolutely. There is an easy energy, like a warm day spent in a lazy river surrounded by your friends with a margarita in hand. This is the definition of laid back, although there is more than a little melancholia to sort through. The Sonic Youth comparisons are inevitable, and well-deserved, but there is more going on for Airplane Jumper, which takes a hazy, psychedelic approach to ’90s slacker-alt more in line with a band like Tame Impala than Pavement, although a blend of the two nonetheless.